Akcela listed in EDP’s Future 50 Awards - Recognising Innovation in the East of England

Archant Future 50


We are pleased to announce our inclusion in the 2022 Future 50 cohort. The Future 50 aims to recognise and support businesses within the East of England that have consistently grown over the past 12 months and have demonstrated ambition to continue that growth into 2022 and beyond.

This year the cohort includes several innovative companies, demonstrating the incredible level of innovation and entrepreneurship within the East of England. You can view the full list of companies included in this cohort on the EDP website, but here’s 3 quick picks.


Colorifix minimises the environmental impact of industrial dyeing by replacing chemistry with biology, Colorfix create a  colour created by an organism in nature— whether an animal, plant, insect or microbe. Via online DNA sequencing (never a physical specimen) ColorFix pinpoint the exact genes that lead to the production of the pigment, translating that DNA code into their microorganism. The resulting engineered microorganism can then produce the pigment just as it is produced in nature.


Gravitilab offer microgravity testing services, supporting the industry to set higher standards for space flight qualification: de-risking missions ensuring less debris in space. Gravitilab plan, develop and implement clients’ missions to deliver decision making and impactful data. Their proprietary reusable launch platforms and integrated services allow lower the cost of accessing microgravity and ultimately, space.


As office partners, the inclusion of Readingmate was a simple one. As a company, they have a simple mission. To instil a love of reading that accelerates student progress. With app downloads exceeding 20,000 and an ever-growing number of schools signed up to their Love Literacy Tool, alongside an incredible list of new product developments (which of course, will only come to light with the companies show me, don’t tell me mantra). We are excited to see and be a part of the future of Readingmate.

Speaking on the Akcela inclusion, Akcela group MD, James Adams was excited about finding out more, and participating in the program of events. “We are excited to be included in this year’s cohort. It is a fantastic recognition of the work that we, as a team, have achieved in just over two years. We understand the value that bringing class leading entrepreneurs and support into a learning and development environment. There is so much opportunity for impactful, focused, reciprocal value creation when you get great people together. We cannot wait to get started.”