Akcela Incubator To Support Fledgling Developers Entering Web3


When new developers want to get into a coding career, they may not know which business they want to join, or what direction they want to go in. Some may not even having the experience to go into a role (something the Ready to Work, Ready to contribute model at Tech Educators is looking to bridge).

Within web3, some of the most experienced developers decide to bid for bounties, on the global web3 bounty economy. Honing their skills and earning through projects. At the time of writing, GitCoin bounty page has a number of open bounties, with the most notable offering over $32,000 for a single project.


To support developers entering web3 projects, the Akcela Incubator, alongside Tech Educators (offering web3 and coding bootcamps) and ETHAnglia are offering free space for those looking to collaborate and contribute towards winning bounties. Whilst for some this may be a way of earning a living, for those looking for a community, to solve problems and continue to hone their developer skils, we are ready to offer a space within our community to do just that.