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Marketing and sales consultancy to drive growth.

Initial works with Granimpex

When we first started working with Granimpex, it was for a much smaller project. Owner Kris needed support in putting together a process for a new tender he was going through. Using that template to use for future opportunities as the business was starting to seek out new opportunties. After this initial piece of work went so well, Kris engaged Akcela to review the overall strategy of the business.

Quick new client wins

After the initial engagement, Granimpex quickly won two new contracts based off of the hard work of the Granimpex team. Supported by the proposal template put in place by Akcela. This opened up further opportunities for growth that could be supported by the imminent rebrand.

New branding, implementation and go to market strategy

The implementation of the new Granimpex branding was a great success. Clients instantly understood the basis of the concept that for Granimpex. “Your protection is our priority.” The use of horizontal and vertical lines to represent the areas of roads, with flowing circles of “protection” gives a subtle demonstration of the protection Granimpex delivers. The choice of colour offers the feeling of trust, protection and security.

We began working with Granimpex when owner Kris had decided the company needed a new brand and a new commercial direction.

Through this period of brand implementation, a new go to market strategy was created. An updated pricing model and focus on new markets of opportunity.


Working together, Granimpex has succesfully converted new clients to their residential security packages. The new branding has been implemented with great success, resonating with existing and potential clients alike. New opportunities in new markets are presenting themselves as the team implement new go to market strategies.