Gorilla Juice Case Study

See how we took this premium Vegan Protein Powder company from a superb brand, with low sales, to a company with multiple channels, solid profitability and new markets.

When we started working with Harry, the founder of Gorilla Juice. The brand had great definition and huge scope for growth. The product was sensational, something that couldn’t be said for many of their competitors in the market at the time, or even now. Harry had bought the product to market, no small task, but required support in the wider scope of the business and turning good sales into a sustainable, profitable company.

Gorilla Juice

From a good foundation, we created a plan.

At the very start, Akcela and Gorilla Juice worked together to identify the strenghts of the business and what wasn’t working. This review outlined some operational elements that needed to change, but also highlihted the growth potential within the business. From these discussions it became clear that Gorilla Juice needed outside investment to support with the increasing stock demands that growth was placing on the cashflow.

Akcela worked with Gorlla Juice to put together a proposal for potential investors, as well as making introductions to contacts within and from outside of the industry. During this time, we secured the required funding for the next phase of growth. Whilst implementing operational and commercial improvments.

Focus on the core capability, Amazon.

Working with Gorilla Juice we focused on the core market of Amazon. At this stage over 80% of the business was coming through this channel. During this time, an Amazon specific agency was taken on board to promote the brand through paid advertisement. Unfortuntalely, the ROI from this engagement was not sufficient by some margin to make the engagement viable. Gorilla Juice needed to achieve on the promises of explosive growth, so the direction needed to change.

After a refocus, and enquiring through some contacts, Akcela managed to introduce the brand to an Amazon Vendor Central account manager. After discussions and negotiations, Amazon took the brand on centrally, purchasing and promiting far larger quantities.

FMCG Sales Beyond The UK

Due to the success of the brand, Gorilla Juice is now set up to be sold via Amazon in multiple countries. This includes countries such as Spain, France and Germany. The extra demand for product has caused increased cashflow requirements that due to the initial planning, Gorilla Juice has been able to internally fund.


Gorilla Juice can now also be found in many independent retail sites and Gyms. Recently, Gorilla Juice has been invited on retail trials with some major multiples. Initial feedback is strong with discussions of multi site trials underway. Diversfying the operation from web, into physical locations. This aligns to the strategy set out at the begining and Akcela has been instrumental in delivering contracts of supply and trials with the major multiples.


Working together, Gorilla Juice has moved from a company with great prospects, a solid product and a solid brand into a profitable, high growth company. Operationally, overheads are under a much tighter control, with a close watch on cashflow due to the increasing demands of stock holding caused by the rapid growth. Whilst we could put the growth percentages down, they are so dramatic given that we have seen the business open so many new markets, it doesn’t seem neccessary. In saying this, one key market – Amazon UK has increased over 11X.


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