Management Consultancy and Business Support Designed To Deliver Growth


Aligning Resources To Customer Requirements and Opportunities

Understanding your market segmentation and aligning your value proposition can enhance your current revenue and profitability without large scale investments. Making the most of your current assets.

Imagine a business where your focus was entirely on the business you wanted to win, what would that do to your profitability?

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Optimising Processes To Ensure Customer Focus

Processes form the very basis of our engagements, internally and externally. A poorly designed process that doesn’t put the right outcome as a priority, can leave both customers and staff demoralised.

Where do you see an opportunity for improvement in your business process, and what would an efficient, customer-centric process change in your business?

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Sector Specific Consultancy For Private and Independent Schools

At Akcela we support private and indpendent schools with a host of management consultancy offerings. From brand and marketing support, management accountancy, operations, mergers and acquisitions. Our experience in education makes us well placed to support your business and focus on delivering excellent outcomes.

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Delivering results in the fast paced FMCG sector

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry has many nuances. Akcela are well positioned to not only understand these nuances, but deliver positive improvements by coupling this knowledge with our academic experience and proven consultancy methods.

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One to One Support For Small Businesses

Small businesses and budding entrepreneurs have time and time again stated that having a business mentor and business coaching has helped them to develop their business, their customer experience and themselves. 

However, in any small business, finances, cashflow and outgoings can be a critical area of control. With Akcela, you don’t have to compromise on the highest quality management consultants offering affordable, hard hitting business coaching and mentor support.

Find out more about Business Coaching in Norwich we also offer Business Coaching in Ipswich and Business Coaching in Cambridge. To support clients during COVID-19, we are offering remote business coaching.

Startup and Accelerated Growth Programmes For New Businesses

Starting a new business can be an exciting and daunting time for anyone. That is why, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to a startup coach or a startup mentor to increase their chances of success.

With Akcela, you don’t have to compromise on the highest quality management consultants offering affordable, hard hitting business startup support and mentorship. All at an affordable price that delivers a great return on investment.

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