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Web3 and Blockchain Consultancy

We take our years of consultancy experience and knowledge of web3 to support building tomorrow.

Let's Go

Building the protocols and businesses of tomorrow. Together.

We are working with some of the most exciting names in web3 to drive technologies, business processes and ideas that bring blockchain and web3 technologies to mainstream markets.

Supporting blockchain and web3 builders

Startup Strategy

Through the Akcela incubator, and our web3 teams, we have worked with a number of succesful companies built on the blockchain. We bring a knowledge and focus on the web3 community and marry it to our intimate knowledge of startup businesses.

Branding and Marketing

Our marketing and branding team understand what it takes to create a strong brand, with a clear message and community focus. Building a community around your web3 project.

Web3 Development

Through our partnership with Tech Educators, a web3 coding bootcamp utilising the ChainShot syllabus, we have access to developers within the area and around the world.

Community and Growth

We understand any web3 project needs a community and to scale. We bring our experience from both years of growing businesses and supporting web3 communities such as ETHAnglia to scale and support web3.

Ready to get started?

We would love to hear about your project and how you think that we can help. Get in touch to find out if we are a good fit. WAGMI.

    Meet the Team

    James Adams

    James spent 8 years working at Fortune 200 US firm ITW, involving projects in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has an extensive background in Foodservice, FMCG, Manufacturing and working with startup through to blue chip companies. James holds a consultancy focused MBA from the UEA.

    James Adams

    Managing Director

    Kate Yarbo

    Kate is an experienced CEO, working with a Norfolk and Suffolk based group of schools and Children’s homes. Kate has many years working and supporting start-up and early-stage businesses.

    Kate Yarbo


    Martin Yapp

    Martin has worked in digital transformation consultancy for over 20 years, at KPMG and DMW. Martin has worked with companies such as McDonalds, Network Rail, Virgin Media, TFL, Motorola and Capita to deliver large scale, digital innovation projects.

    Martin Yapp

    Director and Consultant