How A Management Consultant Can Support Your Business To Be. Greater.

Akcela helps businesses that have made a positive commitment to Be. Greater. We use our academic grounding, alongside real world experience to deliver tangible, results driven improvements. We believe so strongly in the benefits of formalised management consultant training and process, each consultant holds a post-graduate qualification in management consultancy. Tailoring academic and industry thought leadership to your real world requirements.

We Support Business To Achieve

Our whole philosophy is built on the concept that all business have the potential to Be. Greater.

Our experience shows results are driven from a desire to Be. one of three foundational triggers.

Be. Focused. Be. Strategic. Be. Adaptable.

By segmenting our opportunities and focussing on the outcomes, it leads us to deliver something Greater.

Greater. Efficiency. Greater. Retention. Greater. Profitability.

Why We Exist

We believe every business has a reason to be, ours is simple. We work with businesses who know there is more they can do to achieve their full potential, and are ready and excited to begin that journey. Increasing productivity, staff motivation, revenue and profits.

Be. Strategic.

Strategy can seem daunting. An all encompassing direction for the future. The truth is, like anything, by breaking it down into its constituent parts, building a strategy is an exciting and rewarding journey. Without an overarching strategy, one that we can articulate readily, how can we define what we want a business to Be. Akcela simply support with the tools and the experience to take that journey. Articulating the strategy not only to staff, after all, what is strategy if we don’t believe and live its values? But also creating engaging and aspirational relationships with your customers. A solid, genuine and well defined strategy allows a business to Be. Focused. and achieve Greater. Profitability.

Be. Focused.

Focus allows us to achieve great things. This focus doesn’t have to be all encompassing. In fact sometimes that can create a greater level of fatigue. At its core – a process change can impact the success of a business in profound ways. A fit for purpose, customer focused process with steps that only add value to the customer experience creates efficiency and customer satisfaction. Doesn’t that sound like the future? Greater. Retention. of both staff and customers. Greater. Profitability.

Hiring A Consultant

Engaging A Management Consultant Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting

Of UK Businesses Have Engaged A Consultant At Some Point (Viga, 2019).

Change Consultant Services Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

A common misconception is that consultancy services are exclusively the reserve “big business”. The truth in reality is that the spread of consultancy usage is fairly linear across all sectors and business sizes.

That’s why we understand that every business is different, and so must the solutions that we offer to our clients be. At Akcela, we understand that the reasons for hiring a business change consultant are varied too. One of the easiest mistakes to make is to think that the simplest thing to do is to struggle through without engaging external support. We offer a wide range of management consultant services, but we would always suggest to any company unsure if a management consultant can help, to take advantage of our free sixty minute consultative conversation.¬†

As A Management Consultant, You Must Be Results Driven

We are a results driven consultancy, because ultimately, that is why our clients choose to work with us. The process and the people can be labelled in many ways. Change Management, Management Consultant, Business Consultant. For us, that isn’t what is important. What matters to us, are that the results meet expectations.

Find Out How A Management Consultant Can Support Your Business To Be. Greater.