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The Akcela incubator was set up by experienced founders who have scaled their own businesses. Incubated companies get access to their time, their brains, and their networks. This helps them move faster, and stay focused on the things that really add value in the early days.

Why do I need an incubator?

Starting a business comes with a laundry list of things you need to work on: business plan and vision; raising investment; product-market fit; sales & marketing; legal & IP stuff; software engineering; building operations and hiring people; building culture and showing leadership.

If you’re great at all of these, lucky you. If there are gaps or areas where you could use hands-on support then an incubator could be the right choice.

Why do I need a business incubator?

What's the deal?

We typically incubate companies for 18-24 months. You get deskspace and access to all the meeting rooms, facilities and coffee you need to make a home in our offices.

Each week you get time from the Akcela team to help you work through your priorities.. This isn’t arms-length mentoring, it’s hands-on help to get things moving.

You pay nothing. We exchange our services for a small equity stake in your company. That means our goals are aligned with yours: we are all focused on building a happy, profitable business that makes an impact in the world.

Incubator deal

Our network is your network

We’ve built up relationships with local and national investors to help connect you with investment and funding.

Our sponsors bring practical advice in topics like accounting, law, HR and PR. And we also have access to credits with big tech firms like AWS, Miro and Twilio.

We work really hard at building community. There are regular meet-ups and workshops at our offices, and we can help you make connections in the tech, design and marketing communities in the region.

Akcela Business Incubator Norwich

Get the help you need with


Vision and mission; business plan; growth strategy; KPIs and targets


Financial forecasts; raising investment; cashflow and runway; M&A


Hiring and firing; people and pay; share schemes; culture and leadership


Internal processes and workflows; outsourcing; legal and Companies House stuff

What our founders say

Things moved so fast for us once we joined Akcela. We grew our bootcamp student numbers 20x in the year after launch. We moved from regional to national scale faster than we dared hope.

Kate Yarbo

COO, Tech Educators

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