Every business needs a mix of strengths and experience, we align ours to your needs.

Every business needs strengths and experience from  a wide range of different backgrounds. It’s been proven in academic thinking, it’s been proven in industry. When working with Akcela, our team has a great mix of academic knowledge, as well as real world experience of change management within industry.

Each project manager has experience at director level with successful businesses. Our project managers also hold a formalised post graduate degree equivalent in management consultancy, and a distinction level AMBA accredited MBA to boot.

This allows us to ensure your business is offered a structured, proven process for your project. 

We aren’t saying all qualified consultants are good consultants, nor are we saying that unqualified consultants are bad. We simply feel this is another element that makes Akcela different.

James Adams

James Adams

BA, MBA, DiPC - Director - Lead Consultant

James has vast experience working within a U.S owned Fortune 200 company, receiving enterprise level early in career training alongside MBA and DiPC education to formalise his experience in consultancy projects.  James is a full practicing member of the Institute of Consulting after previously being associated at Affiliate and Associate levels. James has worked in many countries conducting consultancy projects including China, America, Western and Eastern Europe. Through his career, James has worked alongside many Blue Chip companies including McDonalds, Tesco, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Vauxhall.

Matt Lawley

Matt Lawley

BA, MBA, DiPC - Sales and Strategy Consultant

Matt has a wealth of experience in the food manufacturing sector, working with startups to multinationals across various commercial and marketing initiatives. Although he specialises in commercial leadership, he has extensive operational and supply chain experience and has worked closely with many major multinationals and foodservice operators including Waitrose, Tesco, Aldi & Ocado. His professional experience is backed up by an MBA from the University of East Anglia and a diploma in professional consulting.

Mark Merrywest - Management Consultant at Akcela

Mark Merrywest

BSc, MBA, DiPC - Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant

Mark has nearly 20 years experience in the design, software development and marketing industry and holds a Management Consultancy focused MBA from the University of East Anglia. He is the Managing Director and Strategist for Flocc, a creative marketing agency based in Cambridge and Norwich which traces its history back to 2006. Mark leads a team of specialists working with a wide range of clients both nationally and internationally focusing on providing outstanding solutions to help organisations develop and grow.

Katie Adams

Katie Adams

BA, QTS - Contracts Manager

Katie has a background working in education, through early years, key stage one and key stage two. Katie has experience working within an outstanding educational setting. Through her career, Katie worked as subject leader for core subjects, including maths. Katie supports Akcela as contracts manager, supporting our consultants and clients to deliver processes in line with our IOC and internal processes.

Thomas Jachec

BA - Business Development Executive

Thomas joins Akcela after completing his Business and Management degree from the University of Portsmouth. Thomas received a First Class degree, underpinning his capability and attention to detail within an academic environment.