Ackela announces Amazon Activate Partnership

Amazon Activate Akcela Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Amazon, as a provider of their Amazon Activate partnership.

This partnership supports companies within the incubator with up to $100,000 of AWS credits, as well as up to $10,000 of AWS Business Support Credits. Companies looking to join the Akcela Startup Business Incubator will receive up to £117,000 of time, space and support, and that list keeps on growing.

We recently announced a partnership with Miro, to offer $1,000 of credits as well as $15,000 of support with the Twilio platform offering developer led SMS, Voice and WhatsApp API, for integrated contact and video capability. SendGrip Email API and Marketing to reach your customers at scale and Twilio Flex, for contact centre support hours.

Companies building on blockchain technology, can receive up to $50,000 of support, including a grant, smart contract audits, marketing support and legal advice, through the Akcela ran Polygon Builders’ Hub.

This brings the total level of support available to up to £262,000, what a great way to start a company!