Akcela announces Triple Bottom Line Partnership

Akcela Ventures Announcs TBLA as a partner


We are delighted to announce Triple Bottom Line as the latest partner for  the Akcela Business Incubator, supporting start-up and scale-up businesses throughout the East of England.

Akcela is an award-winning business incubator and is currently home to over 30 companies including early-stage ideas,  start-ups,  scale-ups and operating businesses from a variety of industries including EdTech, PropTech AI, FinTech, Gaming, SaaS, AgriTech, and more.

Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA) help clients who are working towards a future that is more environmentally conscious and socially fair and offer discounts to those with a credible Net Zero Strategy or that engage TBLA to help them get started.

Speaking on behalf of the partnership, Akcela Ventures Founder and Managing Partner, James Adams, was delighted to welcome Peter and the TBLA team to the community.

“We are really happy that Peter and the Triple Bottom Line team are working with us here at Akcela. It’s great having Peter and the team drop in and offer support to the startup companies, and it’s a great partnership. Early stage companies start to understand what they need in terms of compliance and accounting, and Peter has a great way of explaining it all. Which is no surpise, as he is a lecturer at the UEA. I had the pleasure of being taught by him on my MBA and he helped me no end then to sharpen my financial business acumen. Now I get to see that happening with other comapnies in the incubator. ”

“Finances is usually one of the areas that founders like the least. It’s an area where people think it’s complicated or they shy away from diving into. Having a strong mentor and finances explained in simple terms, and teaching the tools to business finanical literacy is a huge assett. We are delighted that the team are here, and coming in and meeting and speaking with everyone.”

We would once more like to thank the entire TBLA team for diving in to the community, and their incredible support in such a short time and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership in the future.

If you are thinking of starting or scaling your business, whether that is alongside an incubator or not. Feel free to join the region’s start-up and scale-up communities for upcoming events hosted by Akcela.