Akcela Community Represented at Sync the City

Akcela were well represented at Sync the City 2022, with Founder James Adams mentoring the winning team this year, Partner Tom Wood, co-running the mentoring team and a host of Tech Educators teams involved in the event.

Akcela at Sync The City 2022

As the East of England and UK’s only Polygon Builders’ hub, we were delighted to mentor the first ever blockchain winner at Sync The City, with the team working on TrustM3, an immutable verification system for CV’s, employer ratings and trusted industry insights.

Speaking on the event, Founder James Adams was delighted to see so many of the community getting involved and the quality of the student participants, particularly from NUA.

“Seeing so many graduates from Tech Ed, seeing so many of the local startup community represented, and the quality of the ideas, tech demo’s and pitches. It goes to show just how much depth and quality of talent we have in Norwich. There is an ongoing movement building in this city. Sync The City is one of the trailblazers in making this possible. The quality of the UX team from NUA we had, it was incredible – honestly, the inputs this city has, the opportunities. An event like this just highlights what’s possible.”

Although there is no official announcement at the moment, keep your eyes on the Sync The City website, for future updates.