Akcela Ventures is pleased to announce a new incubation agreement with GoDesk.

GoDesk Agreement

GoDesk is a SaaS based customer service ticket platform designed to support companies with productivity gains that start on the day of implementation and continue as the organisation scales.

Founder of GoDesk, Tom Roberts said, “Working with the Akcela Ventures team to this point has been an excellent journey into the world of building a solid, sustainable business. We have been working on taking the foundations of the organisation that we have today, and the product, and finding how we can distil the vision we have, for the way that the industry should work to create value for those who use us and make it something that customers can resonate with. I am looking forward to furthering that mission and the outcomes we have already achieved.”

Speaking on the recent announcement, Akcela Ventures’ Partner, Tom Wood, sees this as another positive step for the ever-growing startup community within Norwich city centre.


GoDesk Agreement


“We are delighted to welcome GoDesk to the Akcela Ventures community. They will be joining a growing number of startups within the incubator, and with that comes a great community of entrepreneurialism that, with the focus we see emerging on tech enabled businesses, is adding immense value to our founders, and those within the space.”

“Working with Tom over the past weeks, we have seen the start of finding true product market. When a customer is willing to pay for a solution, that demonstrates there is something in their initial thesis of the organisation, and moving that forward to many paying customers, that’s always a positive experience. We are looking forward to continuing that work.”

We will update on the GoDesk journey in the months ahead.