Getting To Know The Akcela Incubator Community - David Kingfisher of Scoop

In the first of our getting to know the Akcela Incubator community, we speak to the newest member of the Akcela Incubator community, David Kingfisher. David is the Founder and CEO of startup Scoop, a product of a successful Sync the City project, built in collaboration with the Thyngs platform. So without further ado, let’s hear from David himself.

In two sentences, tell me about Scoop and its vision.

Scoop is a platform that allows businesses to track the waste, recyclable and re-usable materials they produce with the tap of a phone. Our vision to help these businesses make better sustainable and financial decisions when managing their waste.

What’s been the hardest part of starting a business?

Finally taking the plunge, initially I suspected it will be being largely on my own but so far, I’ve felt very supported.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a business?

Blimey, not sure I’m in a position to advise just yet, but set yourself daily, tangible goals and make sure you take the time to look back at what you’ve achieved so far. Learn from those around you too, whether chatting, reading or watching!

Looking to find your community?

The Akcela incubator brings together a team of experienced startup consultants, inudustry partners and some of Norfolks most exciting startups into one space. Creating exciting opportunities together.

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You are a member of the Akcela incubator, what made you take your business to be part of this community?

Having a space to work with like-minded people and learn from them. I think the best ideas come from interactions and this is the perfect space for that.

Favourite part of the day in the incubator?

That first pot of coffee in the morning! And just being able to head to the break out area, or a different desk and brainstorm!

Lastly, what’s next for Scoop? What should we watch out for?

We’re planning to get our MVP out there in the next month and into the business’ hands. We’ll be at lots of events too so come and say hi!

November 9, 2021