First Startup Meetup After Summer Break 2022 Confirmed

Nathan Lomax Startup Meetup

We are delighted to announce our first start-up meetup of the new season, which will begin again in October 2022, with Nathan Lomax of Quickfire Digital. You can sign-up for the event here.

We will be taking two months off for our summer break, whilst the community jets around the world, or takes home comforts in Cromer. When we get back, we will be kicking off with a Norwich-based story of what it takes to start and scale a company, this time looking at the services industry.

We will welcome back with a bit of an overview of what it takes to start and grow a company, with the Co-Founder of Quickfire Digitial, Nathan Lomax. Nathan will cover a few elements in this talk including:

  • Taking the leap into starting up
  • The Quickfire story
  • Personal challenges of a founder
  • Things I wish I knew, before I started
  • Q&A

The talk will run from 11:00 – 12:00, with the community taking the time to head to one of the incredible places nearby, grab a bite to eat and come back to share your stories and get advice from the community. This usually runs from 12:00 – 13:00, but people are welcome to stay and chat for as long as needed.

If you are thinking of starting a business, have started a business, or are just curious about the community, please do feel free to come and say “Hi”.

We look forward to seeing you again after the break, and as always, please do get in touch in the meantime, if you think we can help.