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What Makes UK Business Coaching Different?

The UK has a rich history of business coaching, with pioneers such as John Whitmore bringing sports coaching practices to business in the early 1980’s. Since then, the coaching and professional support industry has developed rapidly. Seeing an explosion of businesses entering the market in the late 00’s and 10’s.

From experience, the UK coaching market is predominantly focused on the ‘face to face’ style of business coaching. In my opinion this is for good reason. In business, there are some common approaches and philosophies that can be adapted and utilised for a multitude of scenarios. However, if you are looking to adapt to your specific situation, only a coach can deliver that differentiation and adapt the knowledge to your exact needs.

Consider many of the American business coaching programmes. The ones that give visions of crowded rooms and a charismatic man pitching “ways to increase your sales by 1000%”. Generally, these will include successful, proven business thinking that many MBA Accredited Management Consultants and Business Coaches will use. What they do not deliver is context to the situation. This is why many UK Businesses will want to engage in “face to face” consultancy. For fullness we will, of course, feature some coaches that run these style business coaching courses in the UK.

Business Coaching UK FAQ’s

What Types of Business Coaching Is There In The UK?

Business coaching in the UK can take many forms. The simplest form can be something simple like LinkedIn learning that allows an individual to learn generic lessons on specific content, through to individual coaches that will support your business with their specific requirements.

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost In The UK?

This depends on the quality of the coach, their experience and qualifications. An “unqualified” coach, with business experience may be as low as £30 an hour. A qualified, executive coach can be above £150 an hour.

How Long Does Business Coaching Last In The UK?

This fully depends on the objective of the coaching. Many clients will generally book sessions in blocks, with an objective to achieve within a few weeks or months. Some clients choose to have an intensive half day session to review one element of business.

What’s Available In The UK?

As outlined above, there are many types of business coaching available in the UK, we will look at some of the most prominent, including some pricing around what each one would roughly be, and the value they can deliver.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning is the very entry level of business coaching, but it should not be dismissed. There are literally thousands of courses that a business owner can take. Each one of them, giving a certificate of completion at the end of it. Pricing is reasonable, at just £24.98 a month, when taken monthly, or around £15 if purchased annually. A very small investment, but a good bang for buck delivery. A recommended course, is this one on critical thinking.

Business Seminars

As spoken about previously, there are many seminars that deliver short, punchy, business coaching based on certain elements of critical business thinking. Generally, this is distilled around a theme, or a certain topic. One such example of this is James Sinclair, who promises his seminar will help businesses Soar to Success. Seats are available from £199 for a four hour seminar.

Remote Business Coaching

Remote business coaching in the UK has become increasingly popular since the outbreak of COVID-19.  Microsoft themselves have set a record 2.7 Billion online meetings in a single day, set since the COVID-19 outbreak. This is testamenet to how businesses have reacted to the pandemic and continue to operate. Business can expect to pay between £50 – £120 per hour, depending on the length of the engagement and quality of the coach. Outcomes should, like face to face meetings, be focussed on your needs and requirements. Feeling much more tailored to your needs.

October 2, 2020

by James