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Business Process Reengineering

Most businesses have processes that can be improved to save costs. We work with clients to realise those savings.

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Poor process are estimated to be costing businesses between 20-30% of revenue per year. It’s not suprising that more and more companies are seeking to review outdated processes and realise these redirect these savings back to the bottom line. (Forbes, 2016)

Stages of Process Redesign

Set The Scope

Creating a cross functional team, we define outcomes of what the process redesign should include as well as what is classed as in scope or out of scope.

Map The Process

Working through this stage will involve a number of methods, including time in motion studies, data gathering and manipulation. By the end of this stage, a full process document will be reviewed and signed off by the project team.

Idea Generation and Redesign

In this stage we create a proposed process with our knowledge of delivering solutions that are possible. This stage can include many solutions, from system architecture through to CAPEX delivery.

Implementation and Improvement

Finally we implement the new process as a trial process, and fully with the wider business. Reviewing and refining where neccessary until business case objectives are delivered.

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    What our clients say

    If you're looking to develop yourself and or your business then James and Akcela are an excellent choice.

    Cory Greenhough

    MD, FFD

    The Business Process Reengineering Team

    James Adams

    James spent 8 years working within US manufacturing multinational, ITW. As part of their accelerated EIC programme, James worked in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has an extensive background in Foodservice, FMCG, Manufacturing and working with startup through to blue chip companies. James holds a consultancy focused MBA from the UEA.

    James Adams

    Managing Partner

    Martin Yapp

    Martin has worked in digital transformation consultancy for over 20 years, at KPMG and DMW. Martin has worked with companies such as McDonalds, Network Rail, Virgin Media, TFL, Motorola and Capita to deliver large scale, digital innovation projects.

    Martin Yapp

    Director and Consultant

    Matt Lawley

    Matt has extensive experience working within the FMCG environment with clients such as Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado etc.  Matt is an experienced managing director, guiding over 180 staff through continued growth. Matt holds a consultancy focused MBA from the UEA.

    Matt Lawley


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