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UK Kickstart Job Scheme
In this article, we review why you should use an employee training record and why it is great for the Kickstart Job Scheme
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Red Flags In Business
In this article we discuss red flags that show there may be a management issue within your business and what to do to resolve them.
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Independent School Consultancy
More and more private and independent schools are seeking support from independent management consultants. Find out why, right here.
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We have a quick look over some challenger banks offerings in the small business banking arena. If you are starting a business, look no further.
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Planning For Post COVID19 Norms
We cannot walk away from the fact that COVID-19 has moved consumer confidence and in turn, effected all businesses in some form. One of the single biggest risks I see with businesses coming out of this is assuming that everything will be the same tomorrow, albeit slightly slower, as it was yesterday. 
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Why Business Coaching Is Important
Why is business coaching important? Business coaching is important because it reinforces an entreprenuer or employee with tools and knowledge to make a difference to their business. Ultimately, the aim is financial reward, such as business growth or sale, but there are also extra benefits too. These include general support and discussions around business decisions,...
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Maintaining Business Post COVID-19
What is a business qualifier? A business qualifier is an offering that your consumer expects to receive before doing business with a certain company. This can be, for example as simple as the ability to take a card payment, or a set accreditation, or service offering. What is a business differentiator? A differentiator is one...
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