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Starting, running and growing a businesss will create lots of moments where an individual, or business will require some form of business advice. We have put together a list of trusted partners who we feel offer a great level of business advice in Norwich and Norfolk, for many aspects of business.

We work with a number of small, medium and large businesses and one thing is consistent. At one stage or another they have all needed some form of business advice. Being a business consultant serving Norwich and Norfolkmany of our clients are widening their support structures. Gaining more business advice from other businesses to help them succeed. There is, of course, more than just consultancy that makes up what types of business advice that is needed. We take a look at the types of business advice you can seek, and where to find some of the best businesses in Norfolk to support.

Types of Business Advice We Will Discuss

Starting a business is never easy. On a daily basis it can feel like there are a multitude of things that need to get done. Once those tasks are completed, there are even more. Not to mention the fact that you need customers to even make the business work. At Akcela, we work with startups to deploy a clear, process driven approach to the startup phase. Together we work to ensure the processes your business will run from are in place. We work to create your target customer segmentation, set simple goals to achieving the right positioning and visibility. Allowing the business to convert opportunities into sales. Highlighting and tackling the next steps in your journey from startup, to operating business. Whether your business is a sole trader looking for the freedom of being your own boss,  or a limited company with investment plans and seed funding, we develop strategy and process to help you succeed.

Startup Coach
Cracknell Law

Cracknell Law offer a wide range of legal support to businesses throughout East Anglia. A great offering, their legal retainers are a way for businesses to get the legal support they need at the time they need it. Their offerings include accelerator legals, commercial retainers and sale ready retainers. Having worked with Ryan, their approach to ensuring you are committed and covered for the correct legals when you need it, has been both refreshing and positive. We can certainly recommend them.

Flocc are a creative agency based in Norwich and Cambridge. Mark and his team offer marketing services that align brands and their messaging into a digital space. Having worked closely with Mark and Emily, their approach is perfect for clients looking to find and deliver their voice. Mark has an approach that is perfect for cutting through the noise and delivering results to clients. Offering marketing consultancy services through to delivery by a strong and very capable team.

Vision Assets

Ben at Vision Assets is not only a breath of fresh air, but also runs an incredibly knowledgeable IP Consultancy. When it comes to intellectual property, there is no one specialist in Norfolk I would recommend over vision assets. Offering services including registered trade mark support, registered designs, copyright, design right and patents. Vision can also support in leveraging commercial IP relationships, including manufacture under license, valuation of assets, sale agreements and more. 

If you are looking for general business advice,  business coaching or mentoring then Akcela can help. We offer projects from all aspects of business. This can simply be a level of guidance on a specific issue, ongoing support or a consultancy project. Our team lead consultant, James Adams has worked on consultancy projects in China, USA, throughout Europe in sectors such as FMCG, Manufacturing, SaaS and Services. James holds an MBA along with a postgraduate degree in professional consulting, as well as being a practicing member of the institute of consulting.

Management Consultants - Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich
Triple Bottom Line Accounting

We have spoken many times about the great service that Triple Bottom Line accountancy offer. Put simply, you not only get qualified accountancy services, but also a great level of support for all accountancy questions. Remember, navigating complex legislation around accountancy is an art form in its own. Most businesses may have a base level of understanding, but you pay an accountant for assurance. The team at TBLA, (Peter, Luke, Fran and Lamon who I have dealt with personally), are excellent. The ethos of help and support runs right through the business.

Our approach to system redesign is simple. As any process redesign consultancy should be. We work with businesses to support in delivering process improvement, innovation and implementation. Whilst we don’t supply software packages such as ERP systems, CRM systems and IT infrastructure. Many process redesign projects will involve simplification of current process that lead to their implementation. We support by creating a clean and efficient process, alongside a specification for tender and implementation program. One major pitfall of businesses is to be confined to a process due to the tendering companies software limitations. Our mantra is to find the solution then find the right software.

Business Process Reengineering

Missed Someone?

If you work with a great company that offers excellent business advice in Norwich and Norfolk, please do get in touch with a recommendation. We will do some homework and make sure we add them to the list. You can get in touch through our contact page.