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Independent School Consultancy

Our consultants have a wide range of experiences supporting private schools to deliver class leading outcomes for students.

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Achieving best practice and efficiencies

We work with private and independent schools to ensure that they are achieiving best practice, efficient class leading education that deliver outstanding results for their pupils.

  • From marketing support, through to timetabling, enrollment and operations management. Our team have real world experience of supporting and managing education establishments and delivering best in class outcomes.
Independent School Consultancy

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    How we support independent and private schools to achieve outstanding outcomes.

    Marketing and Admissions

    Our independent school consultants have a track record of supporting schools with their holistic marketing and admission process.

    Operations and Finance

    Working together to create a laser focussed approach to linking operational efficiencies to improved financial outcomes within and education setting.

    System Implementations

    Our experts have implemented IT infastructures throughout private companies, global corporations and central government. We understand how to implement large scale transformational infastructures quickly and efficienctly.

    Independent Reporting

    Our team are able to offer an independent review and trusted partner approach to defining your strengths and opportuntiies to deliver an enhanced pupil and stakeholder experience.

    What Our Clients Say

    If you're looking to develop yourself and or your business then James and Akcela are an excellent choice.

    Cory Greenhough

    Managing Director, FridgeFreezer Direct

    Our journey together



    The first stage of working together is to discover the areas of requirement.



    Using our expertise and information from the discover phase, we define the direction of travel.



    Together we deliver the overall project, taking time to review and feedback areas of improvement as we work.

    Ready to get started?

    Contact us to have a quick conversation about what you are aiming to achieve and how we can support you to reach your full potential

      Our Indpendent School Consultancy Team

      Kate Yarbo

      Kate is an experienced CEO, working with a Norfolk and Suffolk based group of schools and Children’s homes. Kate has many years working and supporting start-up and early-stage businesses.

      Kate Yarbo


      Mark Merrywest

      Mark is an expert in branding and marketing, bringing years of experience to the team. Mark has a background in education and working with startups and SME’s throughout the East of England.

      Mark Merrywest


      James Adams

      James spent 8 years working at Fortune 200 US firm ITW, involving projects in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has an extensive background in Foodservice, FMCG, Manufacturing and working with startup through to blue chip companies. James holds a consultancy focused MBA from the UEA.

      James Adams

      Managing Director

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